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Garth Ennis reageert op het overlijden van Steve Dillon


Het voorbije weekend overleed Steve Dillon op 54-jarige leeftijd aan de gevolgen van een gescheurde blindedarm. De comicbookwereld reageerde geschokt op het verlies van een van hun getalenteerde broeders en steunbetuigingen stroomden binnen via de sociale media. De vraag op ieders lippen was echter hoe het overlijden van de Britse artiest bij zijn creatieve kompaan Garth Ennis zou vallen, met wie Dillon zijn grootste successen beleefde in de vorm van Preacher, Hellblazer en The Punisher.

De schrijver reageerde via Facebook met het volgende, emotionele stuk:

 Steve liked a drink or two, and if the truth be told that’s how most of us knew him. Or it might be more accurate to say that Steve liked the pub, because that’s where you go to meet up with people, and Steve loved people. He found them endlessly interesting, he was happy to talk to anyone.

He changed my life in a couple of ways. The first was with a phone call, somewhere towards the end of ’91: “All right, mate, I’m thinking of heading over to New York in the new year, maybe for a long weekend. Fancy it?” The second was with two decades plus of brilliant artistic collaboration, where he took whatever lunacy I threw at him and made it work flawlessly, every single time.

We met in London in the summer of ’89, but it was about a year later in Dublin that something audibly clicked. After everyone else had passed out, we sat up ‘til dawn and killed off a bottle of Jameson, talking about what we wanted to do in comics- what we thought could be done with them, what the medium was for. I can recall a sort of mutual “Oh yes, you. You’re the one. You get it.” This was to pay off handsomely in the years to come.

The last time I saw Steve was late last Saturday night in New York, walking down fifth avenue to his hotel after saying goodnight outside Foley’s. It could have been the end of any one of a thousand nights. It’s not a bad last memory to have. Steve was best man at my wedding and my good and dear friend. I think he probably taught me more about what that word means than anyone else.

I drank with Steve Dillon from Dublin to Belfast, from London to Glasgow, from San Francisco to New York City. I have not one single complaint. Cheers, mate.

— Garth Ennis




Schrijft sneller dan zijn schaduw. Misschien ook beter. Maar zeker sneller.