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G.I.Joe Special #3: Mega Collector Gary “Goggles” Head

In this third part of the G.I. Joe Special I have my first real interview with Gary “Goggles” Head, who was introduced to me through Kokomo Toys as one of the largest collectors in the United States of America. He agrees to talk to Brainfreeze about what inspires and motivates him as a collector.

This would prove to be the essential point in the special. When, as a columnist, you send somebody a mail with hopes of interviewing the person “You have a no, but maybe you can get a yes” is kind of the credo. I got a “yes” from Gary, a Y-E-S! Gary Head is described by Kokomo Toys as a top notch toy and prototype collector. He should know everything that has been and has not been released…

Before you jump to the interview, here are some points you need to know about the toyline.

gi-joe-5-pack-001__scaled_600G.I. Joe toys are divided in different toylines. Each line has its different waves or even themes. (I will not be discussing the original pre ’82 period or the later 6″ and 12″ figures). For further information we kindly recommend reading the guides by Mark Bellomo and James Kavanaugh Jr.

A Real American Hero aka Vintage (1982-1994): as the name states, these is the first 3-3/4″ line. It originally started as an action vehicle toyline, where the figures were secondary, with emphasis on the militairy background. The line was a huge hit with American children. Near the end of line more neon, sci-fi or just plain weird (Street Fighter II) elements were introduced. The line was originally distributed in Europe under the Action Force moniker.

Stars and Stripes Forever (1997-1998): a smaller line in honoor of the 15th anniversary of the 3-3/4″ figures.

A Real American Hero Collection (2000-2002): a re-issue of the original figures with different colour schemes. These appeared in European stores.

G.I. Joe vs Cobra (2002-2005): the first real original figures since the end of the vintage line. They are accompanied by a DVD containing original content.

DTC aka Direct-To-Consumer (2005-2006): originally distributed by Hasbro through its website. It becomes clear G.I. Joe is here to stay.

25th Anniversary (2007-2009): in honour of their silver anniversary Hasbro produces 4″ figures with better articulation. A lot of waves appear at toy stores which are greeted with enthousiasm by old and new collectors. The line is stopped when Hasbro decides to concentrate on the new movie.

Rise of Cobra (2009): this line primarely contains figures based on characters from the hit-movie. (personally I love them, and was able to buy most of the line at a clearance).

Pursuit of Cobra (2010-2011): an update of the 25th Anniversary line, divided into different themes.

30th Anniversary (2011-2012): contains figures of the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series.

Retaliation (2012): these figures were ironically distributed before the original movie release.

Below you can watch an old commercial for the A Real American Hero line, while on the next page you can read the interview with Gary Head…




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