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Toy Exclusive: Brainfreeze interviewt “Totally Tubular” Mark Bellomo (Nederlands/English)

totally tubularOur next guest is definitely not a small fry in the world of toys and collecting.

Slowly but surely, Mark Bellomo has become the go-to authority on 80s toys and pop culture in general. He wrote definitive books like The Ultimate Guide To GI Joe 1982-1994: Identification and Price Guide (which fans refer to as the “Joe Bible” and we’ll be talking a lot more about that in our upcoming G.I. Joe Special) and Transformers: Identification and Price Guide.

Due to the amount of important licences and 80s phenomenons, his contemporary opus Totally Tubular ’80s Toys should be mandatory in any self-respecting geek’s personal library. From Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, Barbie to My Little Pony, he discusses and illustrates that decade’s every influential toy. He even points out the important movies, songs and television programs. Also, it has some David Hasselhoff. Not convinced yet? You will find the first pages of the book here. This columnist holds Mark Bellomo personally responsible for the uncontrolleable urge to buy vintage Masters Of The Universe toys. So do yourself a favour, and buy the book. Buy buy buy!

Did you know? Mark Bellomo has Belgian roots.

Now, this writer wanted to know the whole story and contacted Mark Bellomo through Facebook. It may sound easy, but it’s not. The writer is hot property. But, asking him for an interview for Brainfreeze, the number one geek website in the Benelux, got a positive response. You will find the transcript of that interview on the following page…





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