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WAW! Weekly ArtWork #13

Welkom bij WAW! Weekly ArtWork, de column waarin we de mooiste, de leukste en de opvallendste tekeningen, schilderijen en andere werken uit de wereld der comics tonen. Deze week zijn we toe aan de dertiende editie… Een ongeluksgetal? Oordeel vooral zelf!

We beginnen met de cover voor Wonder Woman #5 (voor januari volgend jaar).

We zijn niet helemaal opgetogen over het nieuws over de veranderingen in Diana’s origineverhaal, maar het tekenwerk van Cliff Chiang is altijd een opsteker!

Vandaag is het de eerste dag van de New York Comic Con, waar naar goede gewoonte het kruim van de comicindustrie haar opwachting maakt. Vele tekenaars kregen voorbestellingen voor commissies binnen. Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella, Fables) dumpte (haar woordkeuze) reeds een aantal schetsen op het net.

En ook Mahmud A. Asrar zette al wat commissiewerk op zijn blog, waaronder deze Supergirl:

Steampunk + Batman is een geweldige combinatie. Vraag het maar aan Art Grafunkel. Maar ook Asrar laat zich niet onbetuigd met zijn Steampunk Batgirl:

We hebben ook alweer een schetsje van Dustin Nguyen. Hij zet even alle Robins op een rijtje:

De Batfamilie staat ook in het nieuwe DC-universum heel erg front and center. Een beetje overdreven zelfs. Hetzelfde kan misschien gezegd worden over deze column. En we volharden in de boosheid.

Batfamily Reboot door qBATMANp

De relaunch mag dan al oud nieuws zijn, het hele gebeuren blijft wel tekenaars inspireren. Aaron Diaz, de man achter de webcomic Dresden Codak, heeft zijn eigen draai gegeven aan verscheidene DC-helden.

Voor Superman combineert Diaz de Man van Staal met de Martian Manhunter.

“The costume redesign holds to the basic themes but makes it a little more working class. The buttons at the top are meant to invoke overalls, and the sleeves are cut a little higher for someone working with their hands. I’ve removed the spandex and gone with looser fitting slacks, while keeping a short cape and boots, since he’s still an adventurer.

Overall I want to evoke a classic Superman feel while making it a little more modern in its exploration of the sci-fi themes. He’s still basically the same guy: an alien from another world looking to fight injustice, but without the overt patriotism and a quirkier execution of the secret identity.”

Ook Wonder Woman krijgt een compleet nieuwe look, maar behoudt haar klassieke thema’s:

“I’d push the mythological angle further. Just as nobody thinks of Thor as ‘Superman with a hammer'” I don’t want Wonder Woman to be ‘girl Superman,’ as she’s sometimes seen. I’ve also tweaked her origin slightly, making her a more literal “statue come to life.”

The costume change is mostly conservative. Because of the strong fetish associations (and overall impracticality for a fighting Amazon), I’ve removed the lasso in favor of more traditional Greek weapons. The overall effect is intended to push Wonder Woman’s core themes further while making her also stand out as more than just ‘the female superhero.'”

Batman en vrienden worden eveneens onder handen genomen:

My changes to Batman may seem modest, but the devil’s in the details. I wanted to take his crime fighting style back to his earliest roots and make him a bit spooky. I also wanted to emphasize the bat elements more strongly, not just with the wings and silhouette but the greater focus on sonics and night vision.

Batgirl – Stephanie is his new “project,” and once again he’s placed in a situation where he’s motivated both by fatherly instincts and guilt that come with her origins. At the same time, she’s almost like a playmate, as (unlike Tim and Barbara), she’ll totally indulge Batman’s craziest schemes. She keeps the child in him honest.

Robin – Bruce respects Robin and treats him more like a detective partner than son. They’ve worked together long enough to where their ideological differences aren’t at the forefront anymore, and they can get along (so long as it’s on a case). Probably his healthiest friendship aside from Alfred.

Oracle – Barbara is a constant reminder of Bruce’s earlier recklessness, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t try to concoct a way to make her life easier. He sees her as his adopted child in a lot of ways and is actually more protective of her than Stephanie.

Diaz geeft ons ook een nieuwe Green Lantern:

Deze Green Lantern heeft wellicht nog het meeste gemeen met Kyle Rayner, net als deze is Midori Ota een kunstenares en kortstondig de draagster van Ion (de belichaming van de Wilskracht).

Origin: Oa is a planet that stands apart from the galactic community in that its leaders take great interest in underdeveloped civilizations. So great is their concern that, in violation of the Omega Law, they secretly send devices of significant power to backwater worlds that allows a single individual of utmost character to defend their planet from existential threats. Upon its arrival to Earth, the device chose a young animator named Midori Ota for her creativity and strength of will. While she eventually embraced this new power, Midori does not realize this “green lantern’s” origins or why she must truly wield it.

Powers: The “Green Lantern” itself is a device of Oan technology that binds itself to the chest of Midori when in use, and can project a stream of microscopic machines that can take on virtually any form she imagines. The only limitations are ones of concentration and total amount of the machine particles. She can also fly by encasing herself in a thin layer of the material. Also, while the lantern is the literal source of the objects Midori generates, there is not always a literal trail of light connecting it to the source. Once the substance is “projected,” she is able to sculpt and move it as she sees fit.

Diaz’ Flash is een wetenschapper die superkrachten overhoudt aan een mislukt experiment waarbij men Superman zijn krachten probeerde te repliceren.

Hij voegt nog enkele technische aardigheidjes toe:

The Flash can and move at incredible speeds, well past Mach 10. He has also devised a helmet that compensates for the Doppler blue shift he sees at very high speeds as well as the equivalent for sound with his ear microphones.

Ook Starfire, die letterlijk en figuurlijk weinig om het lijf heeft in het DCnU, wordt ook helemaal herwerkt door Diaz:

What’s wrong: In the wake of DC’s “new 52” this felt like a no-brainer. Starfire is a decent character who’s always, in my opinion, gotten the short end of the costume stick. I get that she’s supposed to be sexually liberated and somewhat polyamorous, and that’s fine, but dressing like a John Carter’s Princess of Mars-themed stripper doesn’t cut it. Really, up until the Teen Titans cartoon she’s always been in the most awkward and impractical getups for someone fighting crime.

The Fix: I went for the simple route and took some notes from the cartoon (notably the skirt). I wanted to make sure it kept the bubbly, innocent feeling of the character while also hinting at some power (with the exposed arms here). The overall effect is meant to convey someone who’s tough, cheerful and comfortable flying around in the air.

We gaan eruit met drie cartoons deze week. We hadden het net nog over Starfire, en daar sluit dit mooi bij aan:

Bats en Supes mogen het rijtje sluiten.

We hopen dat u genoten en gelachen heeft, en zien u graag volgende week terug!




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