Posted 14/02/2011 by Wade Wilson in Comics

Mogelijke toekomst voor de X-Men: update

X-Men #4Zaterdag konden jullie hier een bericht lezen over de mogelijke toekomst van ieders favoriete mutantenteam: The X-Men, vandaag geven we jullie hier graag een update over. Tom Brevoort, die nog niet zo lang geleden Joe Quesada vervangde bij Marvel, wist tijdens Cup O’Joe van CBR te zeggen dat er een mini-series gepland staat genaamd: X-Men Prelude geschreven door Paul Jenkins (Spectacular Spider-Man, Sentry) met telkens een andere tekenaar per issue (onder meer Robert De La Torre en Laurence Campbell). Jenkins zou ook de daaropvolgende continuïteit binnenin het X-Men wereldje voor zich nemen. Hier is alvast wat Brevoort te zeggen had over het project:

“Certainly within the books over the past couple of years, the X-Men have drifted away from Professor X’s philosophy and onto another path that Cyclops has been forced by circumstances to take them down, along with some other folks — Wolverine and Rogue and a few others. Paul’s story specifically focuses on the four characters who are at the forefront of the leadership question for mutantkind: Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. Each issue of the series — because Paul tends to focus on individual 22-page stories even as they all connect in the larger whole — will paint a picture and give you an idea of what the mindset, direction and directive for each of these guys is going into the next event. And as I said, that’ll be less about who leads the team as it will be about, “Where do we go from here?” or, “What is the path we’ll choose to follow?” Some degree of optimism has returned with the appearance of Hope and the Five Lights, meaning that maybe the mutant race is not as absolutely on a path to extinction as it seemed over the past couple of years. So what do they do next as a result of this sea-change? Paul’s story is very much about who these four characters are as individuals and what their specific philosophies are as we dive into that epic.”



Wade Wilson