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Mike Deodato Jr. het interview

Twee jaar geleden had ik de kans om Mike Deodato Jr. te interviewen op FACTS . Voor diegene die Mike niet kennen. Shame on you. Hij tekent op het moment de Dark Avengers, heeft grote namen op zijn palmares staan zoals New Avengers, Thunderbolts, Hulk, She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Lady Death en zoveel meer. Natuurlijk zag ik dit als een geknipte kans om een van mijn favoriete Comic tekenaars te interviewen. En ben ik dus enorm trost en blij te mogen mededelen dat Brainfreeze zijn eerste interview mag voorstellen met Mike Deodato Jr.


Brainfreeze : Hi Mike, you visited Belgium for the latest edition of FACTS. What was your first impression of Belgium?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Beautiful! You can breath culture there. The architecture is fascinating and the people are incredibly nice.

Brainfreeze : Did you like your stay here?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : I had a great time there. One of my best trips, for sure. I’d live there if I had the chance.

Brainfreeze : You worked none-stop at FACTS. Giving everybody a really beautifull sketch. Did you like FACTS?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Yes, very much. Everybody was so nice to me and my wife .

Brainfreeze : Do you like conventions in general?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : I love going to conventions. I love comics. Conventions are the place to meet people who share the same foundness I have for the medium. I can talk to the fans, meet other professionals and get all the comics I need.

Brainfreeze : How goes a normal day at work for you?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : I wake up by 5:30 and I start working by 6:30 till 23:30. Seven days a week. I stop only to go to the gym four times a week and to go out with my wife and daughter once in a while.

Brainfreeze : Do you have time to read comics yourself?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Only when I’m in the bathroom, to be honest. J

Brainfreeze : Which series do you follow currently?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Right now I’m following All-Star Superman and 100 Bullets.

Brainfreeze : What is your all time favorite Comic/Character/Serie.

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Ken Parker, by Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Millazzo.

Brainfreeze : Is there a character or Series that you would love to draw?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Captain America and Wolverine. I am almost finishing a Wolverine one shot and it’s been great.

Brainfreeze : Why that specific character/serie?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Captain America because it’s a character that I love since my childhood. Maybe it has something to do with him been so correct and honourable and I connect with these values. Wolverine because he just a fantastic character to draw.

Brainfreeze : Is there a Writer that you would love to work with?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Frank Miller. Simply because Frank Miller is without any doubt the most innovative comic book writer/artist of our time. He is a genius.

Brainfreeze : Your Current run on Thunderbolts is awesome. How did it feel to draw a team of Bad boys?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : I feel like I finally found my niche. The series is so well written that it is inspiring me as I never was before

**Brainfreeze NOTE* Hij heeft inderdaad zijn niche gevonden aangezien hij nu Dark Avengers tekent, de Bad Boy variant van de Originele Avengers. **

Brainfreeze : Is it different then drawning New Avengers , Wonder Woman, ….?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Yeah, very much. In comparison, those series were like Blockbuster movies and Thunderbolts is more like a horror movie.

Brainfreeze : And how does it feel to work together with writer Warren Ellis?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : He is one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with. I feel lucky.

Brainfreeze : What will we be expecting to read from you the upcoming year, a new series?

Mike Deodato, Jr. : I´m negotiating that but I cannot reveal anything for now, sorry.

Brainfreeze : If you can show one comic of yourself to the world, which one would that be? I mean, your ultimate “This is my best/favorite art i’ve done so far” comic.

Mike Deodato, Jr. : Incredible Hulk #70. That’s a single story called Symmetry, written by Bruce Jones and wonderfully colored by Hermes Tadeu. From the cover to the last page, that issue is just beautiful.

Brainfreeze : Thanks for you time

Mike Deodato, Jr. : You are welcome.




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