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One More Day ???

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Ik heb de spoilers kunnen vermijden maar het ziet er niet goed uit met betrekking tot “One More Day”. Laten we hopen dat die nieuwe schrijver/tekenaar-teams er wat beter van bakken want Quesada is er toch wel echt in geslaagd om het uithangbord van Marvel compleet naar de kloten te helpen dit jaar schijnt het….

Dit vond ik op de messageboard van Straczynski.

Straczynski schreef:
I’ll be honest: there was a point where I made the decision, and told Joe, that I was going to take my name off the last two issues of the OMD arc. Eventually Joe talked me out of that decision because at the end of the day, I don’t want to sabotage Joe or Marvel, and I have a lot of respect for both of those. As an executive producer as well as a writer, I’ve sometimes had to insist that my writers make changes that they did not want to make, often loudly so. They were sure I was wrong. Mostly I was right. Sometimes I was wrong. But whoever sits in the editor’s chair, or the executive producer’s chair, wears the pointy hat of authority, and as Dave Sim once noted, you can’t argue with a pointy hat.

So at the end of the day, all one can do is try to do the best one can with the notes one is given, and try to execute them in a professional way…because who knows, the other guy may be right. The only thing I *can* tell you, with absolute certainty, is that what Joe does with Spidey and all the rest of the Marvel characters, he does out of a genuine love of the character. He’s not looking to sabotage anything, he’s not looking to piss off the fans, he genuinely believes in the rightness of his views not out of a sense of “I’m the boss” but because he loves these characters and the Marvel universe.

And right or wrong, you have to respect that.

Eerlijkheid gebied me te zeggen dat ik dit verhaal nog moet lezen maar ja, als de meester het zelf al zegt…. Erg goed kan het dus niet zijn. Als fan zal ik het natuurlijk wel kopen. Maar als het zo slecht blijft dan zal ik het uiteindelijk wel bij Ultimate Spidey houden die het toch weer zeer goed doet de laatste tijd.
Dus als ik één comics-wens heb voor het nieuwe jaar dan is het : laat Amazing Spider-Man in al zijn glorie herrijzen !

Wednesday Is My Sabbath schreef:
I try not to swear too much on this blog because one of my teacher’s way back when told me it was a lazy way of expressing yourself… but for fuck’s sake, Marvel cocked-up the shit out of this one. Ahh… lazy or not, that felt good. I ranted at length about the previous issue of One More Day so I don’t have too much more to add here. …. JMS was very smart to distance himself from this storyline because I have to believe it is going to go down in history with the Clone Saga as one of the worst Spider-Man stories ever. Having not personally read the Clone Saga it is without a doubt the worst Spider-Man story I have ever read. Quesada’s art was horribly rushed as he relied pretty heavily on stats (I counted over a dozen), which is a major pet peeve of mine, and dark shadows on every page as a way of skimping on detail. The Brand New Day stuff at the end did nothing to redeem the story that led up to that point and I can now safely say I will not be taking part in the thrice-weekly relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man. McNiven on art is tempting but with the travesty that led into it I just can’t support it. I never say never, but unless it receives unanimous rave reviews across the comics blogosphere I will be keeping my distance. This is all the more shocking because Marvel knows how to handle Spidey as we will see later in Ultimate Spider-Man but Marvel has done their very best to make me completely and utterly uninterested in the regular Marvel U Spidey. Well done Marvel. Damn, spent more time on that than I would have liked but apparantly I’m not the only one upset.

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