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Review : Spent


Meet the original antihero Joe Matt: a master of a domain that includes more than twenty-three self-edited eight-hour-long videotapes of bootlegged pornography; a penny-pincher who never fails to make a dime off his friends; a chronic masturbator who doesn’ t understand why he never has a girlfriend; an obsessive collector frantically searching for the toys of his childhood; a callous son who throws out every gift his adoring mother gives him; a man so lazy that he urinates in a bottle rather than walk to the bathroom.
Everyone and everything is fodder for Matt’ s autobiographical comics, even having lost the love of his life for documenting his crush on her best friend in the pages of his legendary comic book series “Peepshow,” Matt’ s biggest target for ridicule, however, is himself.Wearing his neuroses and fetishes on his sleeve, he knows he is a jerk and does nothing to hide it. This humiliating honesty has made Matt a comedic genius who has been hilariously and shamelessly chronicling his pathetic existence for close to twenty years.

Joe Matt hoeft voor de Graphic Novel fans allang geen introductie meer.Samen met Seth, Crumb, Adrian Tomine, … behoort hij tot de uitverkorenen van het “betere werk”.
Lees de achterkant en overtuig uzelf …

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